Interview with DJ Qualls

One does not simply interview DJ Qualls. One lets DJ talk and throws in a question every now and then. I already loved DJ from the many TV and film roles he’s been in since he started out in Road Trip. After meeting him at the recent Armageddon Expo in Wellington, he’s become one of my favourite people. He went above and beyond in both the interview and when I realised that I’d forgotten to ask him for a pic after said interview, resulting in some of the greatest selfies you’ll ever see. You can see the rest of them on our Instagram.

A couple of warnings before you press play:

1. I am admitting up front that I embarrass myself horribly in this interview. DJ asked me what the relationship between Frodo and Bilbo was and for some reason still unbeknownst to me, my brain heard Frodo and Sam and so I said they were friends. I know, I know, I can hear your shocked gasps from here. I know that Frodo and Bilbo are cousins and that Bilbo took Frodo in when his parents died but by the time I realised my faux pas, there was no good way to work that into the interview to save myself and no good way to cut it out. So, now it is on display for the world to see. I shall remain forever mortified. Feel free to laugh at me.

2. DJ has no filter. At all. And sometimes that’s accompanied by some mild language. There’s really not much of it in this interview, but if you find such things offensive you may want to think twice before you press play.

Now we have the safety briefing out of the way, if you’d like to know what DJ’s thoughts are on a Supernatural spinoff starring Garth, why he doesn’t like to work on TV shows he likes or the best piece of advice he ever received from his grandpa, press play now. And if you aren’t following DJ on Twitter, you should be, so make sure you get on that by clicking here.


Transcript coming soon!



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