Poldark, Episode Two: Attack of the Poldarks

We know why you’re back and we’re sorry to disappoint, but this isn’t the episode where Ross takes his shirt off.

(OR IS IT????? I guess you’ll just have to read and find out.)

When we left Cornwall last week, everyone was more or less pretty miserable. Ross had returned from the dead to find most of Cornwall falling down around him, his father dead, the mines shutting down and the woman he loves more than anything marrying his cousin. All in all, not a great situation. But Ross Poldark, sassy and stubborn man that he is, seems determined not to give up. He shall triumph over the evils of poverty and while this might not be the superhero story that seems to be dominating media all over the place lately (and rightly so, that shit is amazing), it’s a story with a very reluctant hero all the same. And the world loves its unconventional heroes, doesn’t it?

While Ross is generally a good man, while he’s certainly courageous and moral, he doesn’t really seem to want much out of life at the end of last week’s episode but to be left alone to tend to his land and deal with his people. But as time goes on, you can see the way he’s slowly pulled out of this mindset. He’s grumpy, a bit on the angry side with a temper and a great big load of sass to back it up (although his insults are just never really very good, are they? Demelza could teach him a thing or two), and he’s not the sort of man who’s usually thrust into the hero role, which is what makes it interesting. Reluctant heroes don’t want to be the one doing the right thing, but they have to because it’s who they are at their core.


This episode is so interesting in that it’s clearly the place where all his heroic actions really begin. During the last episode, he had a few moments where it seemed like some action might sputter into life, but he also gave up repeatedly and with relative ease when things seemed to get a little hard. This episode is where Ross makes it known that he’s decided to stay in Cornwall rather than return to London. It’s the episode where he sees what the closing mines are doing to the population of his home. It’s the episode where we really get a chance to watch Ross take in the changes around him; it’s when he takes a stand, puts his foot down and tells all of Cornwall, this is where it begins. With him. With his mine.

And it’s hard not to be just a little bit proud of our hero, Ross Poldark, that sassy, hairless knuckled, weirdly groomed chest hair wearing of a man. So join us, Leah and Erika, for a recap of this week’s Poldark.


Leah: I promise to be less sarcastic this time around.

Erika: Please don’t.

Leah: … well, I promise to TRY. That counts for something, right?

Erika: I’m sure it does, I’m just not sure what.

Leah: This week’s episode begins with Aidan’s hairless knuckles. Again. Actually, it begins with Ross talking about the mine with Jud, one of the servants of the house who we met, along with his wife Prudie, last week. Generally, the news seems pretty bad. Mines are closed, people get beaten when they try to go into work, and some guy kills himself because he couldn’t repay his loans, thus causing his mine to get shut down.

Erika: Very uplifting way to start an episode but like I said last time, this is a series starring Aidan Turner. Things can never be TOO happy without promise of something devastating to come, now can they? This is why I continue my habit of watching only An Unexpected Journey and the first season and a half of Being Human. Everything else is far too upsetting.

By the way, if you’re as obsessed with the gorgeous opening credits theme as I am, get thee quickly to Amazon to buy the soundtrack, featuring Anne Dudley’s magnificent score. I’ll admit it, I bought it before it was released in the U.S. so I paid out my ass for shipping but you know what, I can now safely ugly cry while alternating between this and Josh Groban’s Stages on my way to work in the morning so I’d say it was DEFINITELY WORTH IT. I MEAN, COME ON, HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS? IT GIVES ME CHILLS EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Leah: Oh, lovely. Here, we have George Warleggan and his uncle discuss how the loan thing is definitely their fault.

Erika: I like that his uncle’s name is Cary. How menacing can you really be? “Is that you, Cary? Is that Cary bo-Bary banana-nana fo-Fary mee-my-mo-Mary CARY WARLEGGAN?”

Leah: Basically George is a dick. But Uncle Cary is worse.

Erika: This is practically a villain origin scene, damn. George is already a dick, yes, but he’s asking questions that he clearly isn’t supposed to be asking.

“Does is not reflect poorly on us that we let his pleas fall upon deaf ears?”

So okay, yes, it’s a selfish as hell question because a guy has just KILLED HIMSELF because the Warleggans refused to extend his loans, thus making everything in his life fall apart, and George is more concerned about reputation than anything else; but consider the answer he gets.

“Are we in the business of sentiment or profit?”


Erika: He chooses the red pill, by the way, and demands from his lady of the night that she start calling him ‘sir’ from now on, which obviously implies that up until now, he’d treated her less like a subordinate and more of a companion. No, of course I don’t think that they’ve been friends, that’s clearly not how this works; but George makes a choice here, and it’s a choice to become hardened like the rest of his family has.

Something to remember, of course, is that the Warleggans started out with practically nothing and clawed their way to power–not exactly something people are willing to let go of so easily when they’ve had to work so hard to earn it. Obviously, this doesn’t excuse them for being SUCH MASSIVE DICKHEADS but at the same time, it just adds another layer of complexity to this world. If you think George is an asshole just because, you’re simply wrong, and I love the way Jack Farthing plays him as a man who seems to be struggling to find a balance but always has his efforts pushed back down below the surface.


Erika: Here’s a short but important scene. Ross has just given his young friend Jim, who’s lost his job at the mine that’s been shut down, a gig at Nampara (Ross’s place), and Prudie acts like he’s taking in all the strays in Cornwall. Ross the Cat Lady.

I love that you can actually SEE here, though, the start of a shift in the way Demelza looks at him, and you have to applaud Eleanor Tomlinson for the subtleties of her performance. This is a series that moves quickly because it has to, there are only eight episodes in which certain things need to happen, and it’s incredible to see the way it plays out in small ways like this. Ross taking Jim under his wing, Prudie bitching about it, and Demelza’s gaze lingering on the shut door, this all happens in the span of ten seconds but it leads to so much more. The admiration and respect in Demelza’s eyes is obvious, such a big difference from her irritation with him earlier for being forced to wash her hair with freezing cold water as Ross just watches from the window.

This is where we can really see that her feelings for him are starting to change because he’s not just the grump who’s grudgingly let her stay as the kitchen maid anymore; he’s a good man, a generous man who wants to do what’s right when he can, and I think it can even be said that we, as the audience, begin to fall a bit in love with Ross at this point, too, for more than just the pretty face and flawless hair.

It’s worth noting, too, that in spite of how much he clearly doesn’t LOVE Jud and Prudie, he lets them stay because they worked for his father. It’s a loyalty thing and again, what he thinks is the right thing. THAT ROSS POLDARK, WHAT A GUY, HE’S SO HOT RIGHT NOW.

Leah: Hmm, I thought Ross sold Elizabeth’s ring last episode, but he DID NOT. He looks like he’s debating it this episode, though, and instead he rides to see his family on his best friend, Seamus the horse.

Erika: Sweet, sweet Seamus. Aidan just has so much love for that horse and talks him about him CONSTANTLY, it’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. Aidan/Seamus BROTP, right? They should be listed on TV Tropes under the Don’t Split Us Up category.

tumblr_nogdqnazK51tbp0tao2_500 tumblr_nogdqnazK51tbp0tao3_500 tumblr_nogdqnazK51tbp0tao4_500
Leah: Ross asks Verity to visit and her father is a real dick as well, saying she can’t visit because it means neglecting her duties at the house. He’s gonna feel REAL STUPID when the inevitable happens and Verity gets the hell out of dodge. No way she’s going to put up with that bullshit for long.

Erika: I hope that one day, Verity gets to dance on this dick’s grave. Yes, I realize this dick is, in fact, her father, but that makes this outcome no less desirable.

Leah: The mood of this episode is really rough all around. Everyone is painfully aware of just how close they are to losing everything. No one has any money, no one has any food, no one can work, the mines are closing all over the place and it seems like the mines are the only way to have a job in Cornwall. Unless you OWN a mine and then apparently you can just be a jerk.

Erika: Well, Ross points out here that everyone gets their loans from the Warleggans. So basically, George’s family has a monopoly on the handouts in Cornwall, THEY LITERALLY OWN EVERYONE.

Leah: Yeah, and Ross wants to give these people hope. It’s another fascinating character trait of his. He’s so grumpy, he’s generally rude to a good number of people, but he wants so badly to help people. He even offers to cut Francis in on the deal of reopening the mine when he has every right to be furious with his cousin forever.

Erika: Just another example of how Ross is the Actual Best Poldark. Wanting to share the wealth with his cousin in spite of all the drama? THAT’S CLASS, MAN. THAT’S REAL CLASS. I’M NOT A ROSS POLDARK STAN, YOU’RE A ROSS POLDARK STAN.

Leah: Verity is cute here. Sad, but cute.

Erika: Story of her life, I think.

Leah: She basically tells Elizabeth because she’s twenty-five and unmarried, she doesn’t get to have a life. She’s not happy about it, but she’s accepted it and you can tell Elizabeth hates it. She’s such a great character, too, unable to just sink into the role of the lady of the house. She wants to be able to offer more than just looking pretty, even if no one wants her to.

Erika: The contrast between these two women is incredible, and it gets even better when you add Demelza to the mix later. Verity and Elizabeth both have all these expectations placed on them that neither of them want, but I love, love, love that it doesn’t cause any sort of bitterness between THEM. Verity doesn’t hate Elizabeth for being the one who gets to do what she likes, and it’s great because Elizabeth doesn’t feel like she gets to do that at all. She feels trapped, she can’t even play with chicken eggs, and I don’t know that she necessarily envies Verity, since Verity is obviously just as trapped in her life, but it forges a deeper bond between these two women.



Leah: Verity’s relationship with Ross is one of my favourites in the series. They’re wonderful together.

Erika: They’re also always so surprised to see each other. “ROSS!” “VERITYYYYYY!”


Leah: Verity knows exactly how to talk to him and it’s clear just how much he loves her, that he would do just about anything for her. He’s even willing to go to a ball for her, no matter how much he hates the idea of attending. Seeing him with Verity is just about the cutest damn thing in the world. And then she basically warns him to keep it in his pants, because there’s a ton of ladies who want to wed him. Bed him?

Erika: I mean… at the risk of sounding like a terrible human being, it’s not like we can really blame them for wanting to bed him. HE IS AN ADONIS. George’s lady of the night even tries to give him a sexy reading of the palm, what a genius way to pick someone up in a tavern. Although, she does basically guess that he’s still in love with Elizabeth, without actually naming names, and she’s not even wrong. So, maybe not the most genius way.

It’s another nice contrast here, though, in which we see that Francis wants Elizabeth to go to the ball so he can “show her off” (ELIZABETH’S FACE, THOUGH) and Ross is considering going just because his better cousin has asked him to do it so she can attend with him. The exchange between Prudie and Demelza, too, is hilarious.

“Where’s he going?”
“To the dance.”
“He don’t look too glad about it.”
“Gentlefolks is strange.”

THE TRUEST OF TRUTHS, PRUDIE. Too bad her name isn’t Trudie.

Leah: At the ball, we get another taste of how gross and classist the Warleggans can be. And Francis, OF ALL PEOPLE, is defending the idea of all men being created equal.

Erika: I feel like this is Francis trying to emulate Ross, in a way? I think so much of what happens between Ross and Francis has everything to do with Francis knowing that at least in Elizabeth’s eyes, he will never be the man that Ross is. So he does his best to be more like his cousin here, even going so far as to not-so-subtly diss the Warleggans’ habit of buying their way up the class ladder, and you can tell it hits a nerve in George.

This scene is, of course, juxtaposed with Demelza scrubbing the floor while Prudie and Jud drink like they’re above her. They’re even FRAMED above her and come on, could this show be more of a masterpiece?

“This be the life,” Prudie says, and isn’t that something, coming from the woman who’s just said that gentefolks is strange?

Also, is this a bad time to say that Jack Farthing looks so disturbingly like Hugh Grant in this? THIS SHOW IS ALL DOPPELGANGERS ALL THE TIME, APPARENTLY.




“Are you interested in rigging, ma’am?”


Leah: Instead of flirting, Ross decides he wants to start asking around about opening the mine and he actually seems to garner some interest. Which is good news. Ross can help everyone and be happy and not think about how much he hates his life because his cousin married his girlfriend. But on the bright side, Captain Blamey is super into Verity and she’s super into him, and it is ADORABLE.

Erika: They are ridiculously cute but side note, his name always makes me think of Arrested Development. “Bad example: if her name is Amy, I’ll call her BLAMEY.” I just realized this is probably the inspiration for my Prudie/Trudie comment earlier, too. Let’s just move right past this.

Leah: Ross shuts down the girl who was flirting with him, so at the very least, he’s taking Verity’s advice. Since Verity doesn’t seem to be taking her own advice. She’s going for it.


Leah: She’s being quite bold and it’s super cute. But Ross, instead, asks Elizabeth for a dance. Sure, dude, that’s not awkward at all. Francis isn’t going to watch this and get super pissed and possessive or anything like that. No way.

Erika: There’s so much tension between Elizabeth and Ross during this dance, we don’t even need the slo-mo to tell us that. Both of them are going to need a seriously cold shower. And this definitely isn’t going to start a domino effect and pretty much ruin everything, nope, you’re good, Ross. Well, to be fair, that’s mostly because George is putting nasty ideas into Francis’s apparently easily swayed mind, GODDAMNIT GEORGE AND FRANCIS. FRANCIS IS LIKE A BABY CHILD WHO DOES WHATEVER PEOPLE TELL HIM TO FROM ONE MOMENT TO THE NEXT, CAN YOU PLEASE THINK FOR YOURSELF? He’s pretty douchebaggy about Verity all on his own, though.

Leah: Speaking of Verity, she wants to break up this Ross and Elizabeth stuff, but also there’s Blamey and she has to choose.

Erika: She chooses Ross because everyone and their mom is staring at him laughing flirting with Elizabeth. VERITY IS A SAINT.

Leah: Goddammit, Ross, why can’t you behave yourself and just let Verity have her night?

We then cut to Demelza sneaking around the house, and Jud scares the crap out of her. Quick tangent here: Eleanor Tomlinson’s face in candlelight. Jesus Christ, woman. THAT’S A GOOD FACE.

Erika: Remember how we were so sure that they were screaming “JUDAS!” because pretty much every time they did, it was because Jud was doing something dumb? I’m still not super convinced that they don’t yell it because it’s his full name, and they blame him for everything. It seems legit.

Leah: Judas/Jud tells her not to get any ideas of rising above her station and to go home and I want to punch him in the face. NO ONE GETS TO BE RUDE TO DEMELZA. SHE IS PERFECT.


Leah: Back at the ball, Ross is all pissy again after getting reprimanded for flirting with Elizabeth, so he goes to get drunk and instead picks up George’s prostitute.

“One service is all I require.”

Okaaaay, Ross.

Erika: I can’t, Ross is such a child sometimes. So, not entirely unlike his stupid cousin. There are ten billion women at this ball who want to get with him, but he doesn’t even want to acknowledge that at all. He wants Elizabeth, fine, who wouldn’t, but who’s the one who said he didn’t have the time nor the money for this? YO, ROSS, FIND A HOBBY OR SOMETHING, GO FOR A RIDE WITH SEAMUS. THAT IS $FREE.99 AND POSES MUCH LESS OF A RISK FOR FUTURE STD PROBLEMS.

Also, I find it hilarious that Ross didn’t even get fully naked to have sex. He’s so done with himself when he wakes up in the morning. But then APOLOGIZES FOR NOT BEING CHATTY THE NIGHT BEFORE, WHAT EVEN IS HE? This girl is amazingly intuitive, though. She tells Ross that he’s a man who knows what he wants but not always how to get it and all he can do is smile because IT’S SO TRUE.

But then we cut to my favorite scene in the episode. NOT EVEN ONLY FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS.

Leah: Demelza watches Ross take off his clothes and go for a swim in the ocean. There’s really no commentary to be had about this part of the episode. Anything I say is going to sound shallow and like all I care about is how ridiculously good Aidan Turner looks.

Erika: I can provide the commentary. Essentially, WE, THE AUDIENCE, ARE DEMELZA. We are all voyeurs in this with her, and it’s a stroke of genius to never go close-up on that ridiculously attractive back that’s attached to Aidan Turner. The scene lasts all of a few seconds, complete with impeccable wet hair flippage, but I think it accomplishes exactly what the director of the episode wanted it to. Little by little, Demelza becomes more and more infatuated with Ross Poldark and by now, I think it’s likely that most viewers have become undeniably fond of our title character but for her, it’s a growing process.

To Demelza, Ross started as her boss. He becomes someone she can genuinely respect, as we saw earlier in the episode, then someone she becomes very curious about, as we saw when she was poking around his office. Here, he becomes someone she can admit lights a fire in her loins. This is where the tide turns. SOMEONE HAS A CRUSH, AND IT’S NOT JUST DEMELZA. IT’S LIKE, THE 6 MILLION OTHER PEOPLE WATCHING, TOO.



Erika: I SHIP IT. I SHIP IT REAL GOOD. We find out after this that Uncle Chuck actually thinks that Ross opening the mine is a good idea and that he should let Francis tag along to “teach him some initiative.” Which I can’t really bring myself to care about because when this scene starts, Uncle Chuck hands Demelza his hat, and she just gives him the dirtiest look behind his back so I’m pretty stuck on that.

Leah: Then Ross takes Demelza to get a cloak and I’m already dead from how much I love them together. She gets pissy and tells him what Jud said to her about knowing her place, and Ross is just like, “Don’t listen to that idiot, let’s get you a cloak!”

But then Elizabeth and Ross have another awkward interaction.

Erika: Is there any other kind between these two? Ross is like a teenaged boy here, trying to help Elizabeth with her stuff and looking at her all puppy-eyed. “Hi, Elizabeth, we danced last night, remember how we danced? Can I carry your things for you? I sent you a note, did you get it? It says, ‘do you like me?’ and all you have to do is check yes or no!” Meanwhile, Elizabeth is just like, “Fuqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq, my husband sucks.”

like me
Leah: They’re both just sad. Which makes me sad. The biggest problem, though, is that George sees it and goes straight to tell Francis. Who is supposed to be working on the mine with Ross. But since he listens to George’s crap and is a jealous little wiener, he decides not to help Ross anymore. GOD, I JUST REALLY HATE GEORGE. Luckily, so does Ross. He goes to make his proposal to reopen the mine anyway.

And he pulls it off even without Francis the Wiener. HIS MINE WILL BE REOPENED.

Erika: And they won’t be using Warleggans’ Bank, SUCK ON THAT. The way Ross presents his case, too, is what gets everyone on board with his proposal. He doesn’t try to flower anything up, he doesn’t try to make promises he can’t keep. He’s upfront with the facts, he’s not trying to fool anyone, and it reflects the kind of man he is.

“The rewards could be considerable; so are the risks.”

Hard work to earn what he deserves, that is what Ross Poldark values. He’s not interested in the easy way out or brown-nosing just for profit. “To Wheal Leisure!” WHEAL LEISURE 4 LYF!

Leah: Then he goes to buy Demelza her cloak, and she almost forgets the bucket of fish she bought because she’s so happy, but Ross doesn’t even care.

Erika: This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. She bounces out of the cloak store looking SO happy, and Ross is all stern-faced until it just melts into this little smile that I want him to keep forever and ever. It’s such a sweet gesture for him to get her this thing she’s never had before and why did he do it? She’s been working so ridiculously hard just to prove that she isn’t getting ideas about being more than a freakin’ kitchen maid, and Ross just won’t have that. HE WANTS TO GIVE HER NICE THINGS, AND I WANT TO CRY OVER IT BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS TOGETHER.

Also, I have to say that it’s just really nice to see Ross smile like that. It’s so genuine, and we don’t see smiles like that very often from him. These two make me very emotional. AGAIN, THE SHIP IS STRONG IN THIS ONE.

Leah: This is another scene that helps set the tone for the rest of their relationship. In the first episode, we establish that Demelza does and says what she wants. In this one, we discover that Ross just likes to see her smile.

L M A O then OF COURSE, Elizabeth comes to see Ross, and he’s like, “We can’t do this! We can’t betray Francis!”

Erika: ROSS, PLS. “You love Francis… I love Francis… but this cannot be allowed to continue.” I can’t even begin to describe just how hard I laughed, HE THINKS ELIZABETH IS CHECKIN’ THAT ‘YES’ BOX.

Leah: He agrees to go talk to his uncle and cousin. Thinking it’s about him and Elizabeth. But then it awkwardly ends up being about Verity, because it turns out Captain Blamey got drunk and beat his last wife to death.


Leah: Verity runs out to tell him it isn’t true, that it was an accident and Blamey he pushed his wife away so she fell and hit her head. She’s SURE Captain Blamey loves her and that she loves him, and then she plays the ‘you of all people should know what that feels like” card, which is a good decision. Totally gets Ross on their side. He agrees to let Verity and Blamey meet at his house.

Erika: To be fair, I think Ross would have ended up on her side whether she’d played that card or not, as long as he’d eventually been able to believe that Blamey’s wife’s death was an accident. Ross isn’t so much concerned about his own happiness, I think, certainly not now that Elizabeth is married to Francis. I think that’s why this entire episode has shown him trying so hard to be generous, from giving Jim a job to inviting Francis to work on the mine with him to buying Demelza that cloak.

If he can’t be happy, he’ll at least try to make sure everyone else he cares about is, and if there’s anyone in his life that he thinks deserves it the most, I would imagine it’s Verity.

Leah: Back at Nampara, the flirty girl from the ball that Ross totally dissed, Ruth, and her mom just randomly show up, and that’s weird and awkward. They’re very rude about Demelza and try to get him over for tea, but Ross pretty much tells them to gtfo and it’s pretty great.

Erika: “I fear your efforts would be… wasted.” ROSS, YOU ARE 2FAB FOR THIS WORLD.

Leah: Then Francis find out that Ross is letting Verity and Blamey meet, so Francis decides to be a real idiot and challenge Blamey to a duel. A DUEL. WITH PISTOLS. FRANCIS, YOU ARE THE STUPIDEST IDIOT IN THE WORLD.

Erika: I just… I don’t even know what to say. Francis goes from being somewhat tolerable in this episode to a steaming pile of poop, not even the cutesy smiling iPhone emoji kind. How utterly daft do you have to be to do something like this? Literally everyone else involved is like, “FRANCIS, NO!” and Francis is just fully like, “FRANCIS, YES!”

Also, I’m not going to lie, I’m also a little like, “FRANCIS, YES!” because maybe this duel will make my dreams come true. Ross is so done with him, too, just like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD.

“Get me a pistol.”
“Get one yourself.”


Leah: Well, he does get shot. Surprise, surprise.


Leah: Well, they both get shot, but Blamey only gets hit in the hand. Francis gets hit in the neck because he’s an idiot. And Ross saves his life with Demelza’s help because she’s the only one in the house who isn’t afraid of blood. But because he shot Francis, Verity and Blamey are forced to break up. SO ALL THAT FOR NOTHING.

Erika: This shit is bleak, man. I mean, I give no fucks about Francis, but seeing Verity sobbing like that just breaks my heart.

Leah: At least it’s not Ross getting shit on for the whole episode. Except for the fact that everyone blames him except Verity and Elizabeth.

Erika: Well, even Elizabeth was ready to blame him when she thought Francis was dead, but she changes her tune pretty quick. I just like that everyone is ready to point fingers at Ross when FRANCIS ACTIVELY REFUSED TO STOP WITH THE DUEL NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES HE WAS BEGGED TO STOP.

Leah: OH, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Elizabeth is knocked up and Ross is devastated. He really needed that punch to the gut.

Erika: Aidan has the saddest of sad puppy expressions I’ve ever seen on anyone. Somebody should do a YouTube compilation of all his puppy faces. On second thought, no, don’t do that. I do not want to cry for ten years.

At the very least, the episode ends on a positive note. This conversation between Demelza and Ross is so sweet, with Ross trying to offer Demelza an out and Demelza freaking out because she thinks Ross wants her gone.

“I was only offering you a chance to return home, if that is where you feel you belong.”
“I belong here, sir. I belong here.”


tumblr_njdydndum71rrhhnko7_250 tumblr_njdydndum71rrhhnko8_250


Leah: I’m already crying over them.

Erika: I’m pretty sure I’ll be crying over for them for the rest of my life. OTP, BRUH, OTP. THAT SMILE AGAIN, HE’S JUST SO HAPPY THAT SHE WANTS TO STAY.

The real question is, though, is Aidan Turner even capable of playing a character who stays happy for very long? IS HE CAPABLE OF NOT RUINING MY LIFE?

Six episodes left. Join us next week for round three.

Poldark airs tonight, June 28, 2015, at 9ET on Masterpiece PBS.



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